Floor Labels

To gain cost efficiencies in any warehouse environment it is critical to accurately receipt, store, locate and then ship goods efficiently. To help reduce warehouse operating costs, ABCorp can provide a complete label solution as we have created a diverse label product range to suit any warehouse application. These labels are custom printed with your individual warehouse location identifiers like aisle, location, level plus a barcode to enable the easy and accurate identification of a stock location and tracking of items. Based on your warehouse inventory system, label mounting method, scanner type, scanning distance and angle, ABCorp will supply the highest quality label solution purposely designed for your application.

As all warehouse and inventory systems are unique, ABCorp will work closely with you to design the optimum barcode label solution that meets your requirements. 


Warehouse Floor Labels

Having trouble coming up with a cost effective and long lasting durable solution to identify bulk or staging floor locations in your warehouse? Then look no further. ABCorp has designed two floor mounted label kits that can be easily installed in less than 5 minutes and are highly durable which eliminates the need to continually relabel the location ever again. 


Floor Labels

  • Peel & Stick Warehouse Adhesive Labels
  • Screw Floor Warehouse Labels


Peel & Stick Warehouse Adhesive Labels

Peel & Stick Warehouse Floor Label Kit is the most durable adhesive-applied floor label you will find. It installs in half the time of screw-down systems!

The warehouse floor kit includes a protective 1/8" beveled aluminum frame, with specially-formulated adhesive, that easily adheres to a prepared floor area. The Metalphoto® aluminum pre-printed bar code label, with semi-permanent adhesive, is placed in the frame.The frame protects the bar code label from the abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic. If, for any reason, the bar code label needs to be changed, simply pop out the existing label with a screwdriver and replace with another. The warehouse floor label kit also includes instructions for easy installation.

Our Peel & Stick Floor Label Kit is the ideal warehouse floor marking solution.


Screw Floor Warehouse Labels

The product comprises of a rectangle shaped 3mm bevelled frame which is simply anchored to the warehouse floor by 4 concrete screws.A custom made Metalphoto® aluminium barcode label backed with 3M semi-permanent adhesive is then adhered in the protective frame followed by a Lexan® cover layer which stops forklifts and pallets from damaging the label surface.

If the label needs to be replaced, simply push out the existing label with a screwdriver and exchange it with another Metalphoto aluminium barcode. The Warehouse floor label kit is the most durable and complete solution available today. To ensure the installation is easy, the kit comes complete with installation instructions, 1 square shaped bevelled frame, plus a custom printed adhesive backed Metalphoto® aluminium barcode label, 4 concrete anchors and a concrete drill bit with every 100 kits.

As all warehouse and inventory systems are unique, ABCorp will work closely with you to design the optimum barcode label solution that meets your needs.

Screw-down Warehouse Floor Label

Screw-down Warehouse Floor Label

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Peel & Stick Floor Label

Peel & Stick Floor Label

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