Plastic Asset Label

These labels are suitable for internal use only, where the label is required to adhere on a variety of difficult surfaces or in applications where the occasional exposure to water and mild detergents is expected.

These high quality labels use a polyester base material with the image protected by an over-laminate and have an extra aggressive adhesive, featuring ultra high initial tack, long ageing, UV resistance and excellent holding properties.

Available in 2 sizes with the option to add logo.

Plastic Asset  30X10

Plastic Asset 30X10

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Plastic Asset  30X6

Plastic Asset 30X6

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Plastic Asset  35X15

Plastic Asset 35X15

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Plastic Asset  25X10

Plastic Asset 25X10

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Plastic Asset 48X15

Plastic Asset 48X15

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Plastic Asset 55X25

Plastic Asset 55X25

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