Void Labels

This product works well on indoor and outdoor assets for applications where it's necessary to identify if the label has been tampered with.

If removed from its mating surface, a permanent void pattern is left in the label. The over laminate protects the image from scuffing and mild chemicals.

  • Service range is -40°C to +150°C (but, the void pattern feature becomes permanently non-functional after exposure to +40°C).
  • Minimum application temperature is +10°C. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +22°C
  • Face stock is 0.035 mm void polyester, over-laminated with a 0.025 mm polyester film, and a 0.025 mm pressure sensitive adhesive.

Destructible Labels

Choose this product for indoor assets only, when a high level of security is needed.

  • This material is made to fracture if tampered with.
  • The product has a low to moderate resistance to heat, scuffing and chemicals.
  • Service range -40°C to +80°C.
  • Minimum application temperature is +10°C.
  • Storage stability is up to two years stored at +22°C.
  • Face stock is a 0.05mm vinyl laminated to a 0.025 mm pressure sensitive adhesive

Aluminium Foil Labels

Our most broadly used asset label material for indoor or outdoor applications where the label needs to be applied onto a curved or flat surface.

For long life and high readability metal bar code labels are made from quality anodised aluminium they are long lasting and durable and available in 5 size options.

These labels;

  • The image is crisp and clear, sealed beneath a sapphire hard anodic surface, which means exceptional durability under the most extreme environments
  • Have a natural silver background that makes them highly visible enabling the graphics to be easily read
  • As a tamper evident feature the foil label fractures if removed from its mating surface.
  • These labels have excellent resistance to scuffing, cleaning solvents, most chemicals and heat, combined with the extremely strong adhesive ensures they will last the life of your asset.
  • Protect the graphics if exposed to caustics and strong acids that enables them to outlast conventional barcode labels
  • Depending on your specific requirement we can custom design a bar code label complete with colour, art, logo or other human readable information
  • Colours such as Black, sunfast gold and classic gold may be used outdoors.

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