To gain cost efficiencies in any warehouse environment it is critical to accurately receipt, store, locate and then ship goods efficiently. To help reduce warehouse operating costs, ABCorp can provide a complete label solution as we have created a diverse label product range to suit any warehouse application. These labels are custom printed with your individual warehouse location identifiers like aisle, location, level plus a barcode to enable the easy and accurate identification of a stock location and tracking of items. Based on your warehouse inventory system, label mounting method, scanner type, scanning distance and angle, ABCorp will supply the highest quality label solution purposely designed for your application.

As all warehouse and inventory systems are unique, ABCorp will work closely with you to design the optimum barcode label solution that meets your requirements.

Our Warehouse label offerings include the following ranges:

  • Floor Label Kits
  • Rack Labels
  • Long Range Reflective Labels

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