Durable Label Solutions for MIL-STD-130 and STANAG-2290 Applications

UID is a Department of Defense program that enables improved access to information about DoD possessions to make acquisition, repair, and deployment of items faster and more efficient. This milestone program requires all qualifying assets and personal property owned by the DoD, including government furnished property (GFP) in possession of contractors (PIPC), be permanently marked with a UID mark and registered with the IUID Registry prior to invoicing. The benefits to the DoD and its contractors include:

  • Item visibility regardless of platform or "owner"
  • Lower item management costs
  • Item data necessary for top-level logistics and engineering analysis
  • Accurate sources for property and equipment valuation and accountability
  • Improved access to historical data for use during systems design and throughout the life of an item
  • Better item intelligence for war fighters for operational planning
  • Reduced workforce burden through increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved inventory accuracy

MIL-STD-130 – The military standard for Item Unique Identification – has raised the standard for barcode label performance. The DoD wants the UID mark to be readable for the life of their equipment – even if scratched, abraded, scorched, exposed, frozen, stained or generally abused. They would like it to be readable through the refurbishment/repair process as well.

STANAG 2290 – This standardization agreement provides details on both the construction of the UII and the marking of items with a UII to be used by NATO and participating nations.

Our UID Labels are designed for "life of the part" item identification. We use the most durable and broadly specified data plate materials in the history of the DoD. Our UID specialists are up-to-date on the most recent guidelines and specifications and can develop a marking solution for you that guarantees verification to the required print-quality standards. In addition, we provide registration and installation services, making Camcode a complete turnkey UID marking provider.


Our UID Marking Solutions for the Defense Industry include the following products:

  • UID Labels for MIL-STD-130 (a view of all our most popular UID products and services)
  • Metalphoto® UID Tags and Nameplates
  • Metalphoto Foil UID Labels
  • Metalphoto Tactical UID Labels
  • Metalphoto CARC Paint UID Labels
  • Metalphoto SandShield UID Labels
  • Metalphoto with Teflon® UID Labels
  • Premium Polyester Plus UID Labels
  • Cable UID Labels
  • AlumaMark® Laser Blanks
  • IUID Registration Service
  • Label Installation Service
  • Legacy Program Support

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