Teflon® on Aluminium

For permanence, long life and high readability choose Metalphoto® anodised aluminium labels with a Teflon® coating on the label surface as these labels are ideal for applications that require resistance to cleaning, pickling and/or painting, e-coat or powder coating processes. These labels also protect the graphics if exposed to caustics and strong acids that enables them to outlast conventional barcode labels. The image is crisp and clear beneath a Teflon® surface that means exceptional durability under the most extreme conditions.

Laminated  Teflon®  labels can resist temperatures up to 150° C.

Fused  Teflon®  labels can resist temperatures up to 260° C.

Depending on your specific need or application we can custom design a bar code label complete with colour, art or logos or other human readable information. Colours other than black are not recommended for outdoor use unless protected from the fading effects of sunlight. Black, sunfast gold and classic gold may be used outdoors. Labels can be affixed with the extremely aggressive adhesive or with mounting holes for mechanical attachments, these labels are also available in various gauges (thicknesses), this option is recommended for applications requiring mechanical fastening or when environmental conditions or stress demand greater material integrity.

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