How long before my asset label will stick really firmly?

The longer time the better is the simplest answer.  Many of our clients attach a label and then immediately try to peel it off.  Naturally, it comes off as the adhesive has not had sufficient time to go “off”.  A minimum of 24 hours is required before true adhesion begins.  Longer periods, the label is harder and harder to get off.


How do I prepare the surface for adhesion?

For best results with all labels, the area where the label is to be affixed should be first cleaned with methylated spirits or any similar alcohol based cleaner, so that the surface is free from oil and dust. The label is then firmly applied, being pressure sensitive. Maximum adhesive strength develops over 48 hours.
Please note, it is a common error for people applying labels to still have residual cleaner on their fingers.  This will prevent proper adhesion.  
TIP: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly after using methylated spirits, before attempting to apply the labels.


What material should I use?

Please see “What Material Should I use?”


Abrasion and scuff resistance.

For indoor labels, this can be improved with the addition of a clear laminate. A clear polyester overlay gives the surface more protection and can withstand frequent rubbing or cleaning solutions used on a frequent basis.


Can I get a sample?

We are happy to supply a free sample of the various materials that we use.  Just click on “contact us” and give us your details.


How do I pay for these?
Our pricing is based strictly on pre-payment.  We will contact you when your labels are ready for shipment and you can pay by BPay, Direct Deposit, Visa or Mastercard.

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