File Record Shelf Management

The starting point for any asset management system is reliable asset identification. ABCorp’s asset tag products have the durability to last the life of your assets. Our bar code labels integrate seamlessly into the industry's leading asset management solutions (please ask for our advice if you're selecting a software solutions provider) and virtually eliminate errors caused by manual data collection, ensuring accurate information. The results are optimized asset tracking, increased utilization and reduced cost.

Barcodes are the ideal means of automating routine procedures and reducing the errors inherent in manual filing systems. In the records management field, barcodes are used to access, track and secure information quickly and accurately.

More and more organizations are moving to introduce systems to track files and individual documents or scan incoming documents into electronic file formats.

Barcodes plan an integral part in these new document and records management developments and they can be supplied as individual labels. Alternatively, you may require a series of labels that have the same number sequence. These are supplied in sheet to suit your application.

File/Record can be attached to the outer cover of a file, plus the individual pages or reports contained in the file.

For all applications, a high readable quality of label is required that can withstand moisture or the normal abrasion experienced in the modern office.

Where files are subjected to very heavy usage we can add an over-laminate to the surface of the label to enable it to further withstand abrasion or the effects of exposure to UV light.

For applications where a label has a single or very limited working life span we can supply a surface printed thermal barcode label. This is a very cost effective approach without sacrificing the quality or readability.

All of our labels come with a range of adhesives so that we can match the most suitable one for your specific requirements. A full range of barcode symbologies is also available.

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