Aims 43X16

Size 43x16 Polyethelene based label packed with a special purpose adhesive suitable for libraries, schools and file labelling

Libraries today use a Library Management System (LMS) to manage library cataloguing, circulation and sorting. To eliminate manual keying data every time a book is borrowed or returned, barcodes labels are used With high volume of issues and returns, it is essential that libraries have a barcode label with very high readability, resistance to moisture and scratching, plus the ability to last the lifetime of the book.

ABnote’s labels come standard with an over-laminate which ensures the labels are highly durable for long-term utilisation and the labels can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and formats to meet your exact requirements.

ABnote specialise in the manufacture of highly accurate barcode symbols using an electro-photographic LED technology with flash fusing technique which enables us to produce barcode labels of the highest possible quality that will read first time every time. Thereby offering significant advantages to organisations seeking the highest efficiency from their barcode system.

Many types of libraries, like Schools, TAFE’s, Universities, Speciality , Private / Public and Corporate libraries use barcodes to maintain precise records and monitoring information relating to circulation control.

Important areas in which barcode labels are used include transaction processing; maintain accurate inventory control, identifying and collecting fees for overdue items.

Aims 43X16


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