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Aluminium Foil 44X16
Aluminium Foil 44X16
Aluminium Foil 44X16
Aluminium Foil 44X16
Aluminium Foil 44X16

ALUMINIUM FOIL 0.005'' / 0.013ml Gauge ASSET LABEL . Recommended for harsh industrial environments Size 44X16

Our most broadly used asset label material for indoor or outdoor applications where the label needs to be applied onto a curved or flat surface.

For long life and high readability metal bar code labels are made from quality anodised aluminium they are long lasting and durable and available in 5 size options.

These labels;

  • The image is crisp and clear, sealed beneath a sapphire hard anodic surface, which means exceptional durability under the most extreme environments 
  • Have a natural silver background that makes them highly visible enabling the graphics to be easily read 
  • As a tamper evident feature the foil label fractures if removed from its mating surface. 
  • These labels have excellent resistance to scuffing, cleaning solvents, most chemicals and heat, combined with the extremely strong adhesive ensures they will last the life of your asset.
  • Protect the graphics if exposed to caustics and strong acids that enables them to outlast conventional barcode labels 
  • Depending on your specific requirement we can custom design a bar code label complete with colour, art, logo or other human readable information 
  • Colours such as Black, sunfast gold and classic gold may be used outdoors. 

Aluminium Foil 44X16


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